Painting Contractor in Huntington Station

Making sure your Huntington Station property looks great all year long is practically a full time job, which can be stressful when you already have a nine to five! All kinds of unexpected events can affect the aesthetics of your home, from severe storms to the sun’s unceasing assault on the exterior. You don’t have to time to repaint every time your home starts looking weathered or marred by chance incidents. That’s why you need house painters from Anthony’s Painting & Decorating, Inc. For more than seventeen years, our painters have been keeping Huntington Station, NY 11746 homes looking beautiful. Every single one of our painters has the experience and knowledge to get your Huntington Station job done correctly the first time. Whether you need your entire home repainted or just some touch-up work done in a single room, Anthony’s Painting & Decorating is the right painting contractor choice –  every time. Call Huntington Station house painter Anthony’s Painting.

Call a Professional Huntington Station House Painter

Many homeowners think that painting is something they can take care of themselves with a quick trip to the hardware store for some paint and brushes. We suggest that rather than trying it yourself, you call professional a  Huntington Station painting contractor. The number of times we have been called in to fix a paint job after the homeowner attempted it himself attests to one fact that all painters know: painting is much more complex and difficult than most people think. For example, one aspect that confuses many laypeople but that all painters know by heart is when exactly to apply primer. Additionally, there are so many different formulations and brands of paint that it can seem overwhelming trying to find the right one. When you hire a professional Huntington Station painting contractor like Anthony’s Painting & Decorating, you take the worry and uncertainty out of the equation.

Many Painting Services to Choose From including Power Washing

Whether you’re looking for house painters for exterior work, commercial painting, or painting for the interior of your Huntington Station, Long Island 11746 home, we know exactly what needs to be done. Call us at 917-860-4145 for an estimate, and we will be happy to provide you with an estimation of the cost and time required, as well as assist you in understanding exactly what our house painters will be doing for you.  Aside from being expert house painters, we perform many of the services a Huntington Station painting contractor can provide.  Your home may require spackling and crack repair, from when a previous paint job had begun to crack or peel. Just painting over it is not enough to get it looking new again. Many painters won’t go the extra mile for your satisfaction, but we rely on repeat business and word of mouth recommendations in Huntington Station – that’s the kind of painting contractor we strive to be. For a Huntington Station House Painter contact Anthony’s Painting. We help with residential and commercial painting services including power washing call 917-860-4145.

Huntington Station Power Washing Service

Another service that we provide as Huntington Station house painters is expert power washing for your deck, vinyl siding, or concrete surfaces. Because we use lower power washing pressure than many other painters, as well as safe and moderate chemicals, your Huntington Station, NY 11746 home’s paint is sure to remain looking fresh and vibrant. We recommend power washing for our clients that are thinking of painting or staining their home or deck. This helps to ensure that our painters can get the paint to more effectively adhere to the surface; dirt or grime can interfere with the proper and efficient application of paint on your home.

Call us Today at (917) 860-4145

If you need a painting contractor, make sure to give Anthony’s Painting & Decorating a call at 917-860-4145. Our Huntington Station painters will take on any job you have. Residential, commercial, or general painting services are all part of our oeuvre. The house painters we employ are all complete professionals, with years of experience. Combined with our reasonable hourly rates and prices, we know that Anthony’s Painting & Decorating is the right Huntington Station painting contractor for your needs.  Stay up to date with the painting industry news and best practices by visiting the PDCA.